A noob review of 3.5ml Tank

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Postby StephanieT » Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:16 am

plarkinjr wrote:I took a look at that just now... buy.com doesnt show amps, but if I go to the manufacturers site is says the 4-port has max output of 2 amps. The Vapor4Life adaptors put out 2.1 amps which is not enough to sufficiently power a PT with the new tanks. Morandir's testing shows they pull about 3amps from a batt... and Whistles had luck with 2.5 amps.... so I'm thinking output between 2.5 and 3amps should be functional.

I wasnt sure if this was what you were looking for or not so I figured Id post it for you to take a look at. Good to know it probably wont work either then.

Ooops sorry for posting this. Its not a Vapor4Life either. Sorry!
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