Question about plastic in cartomizers

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Postby Ryan Seymour » Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:56 pm

HarmonyPB wrote:Welcome to the forum Ryan! I always take those plastic things off. I much prefer the draw and vapor I get from the wider holes of the drip tips. The smaller hole is a little restrictive to me.

From what I've heard the Zeus is harder to kill with juice leaks than other batts but that's not to say it's impossible. I'd recommend avoiding leaks as much as possible. Since you use tanks I would say that your biggest issue would be if the tank experienced a siphon. I am not quite sure what causes this, maybe sucking too hard? But I have had it happen once in the 2 or so years I've used tanks. The juice just starts flowing into the carto and won't stop. It's a very messy ordeal. Since you have a dual mode I'd also recommend trying to keep the button area as dry as possible. With older batts liquid around the button could seriously damage the circuitry. I'm not as familiar with the new batts but I imagine it's the same principle.

As for the condensation, I've always had that happen so I'd say it is normal. Whether or not it is bad for the battery I'm not sure. I've had mine since February and it's still going strong.

Morandir835 wrote:Ryan sir best to remove the cap if you're using a drip tip. Pushing it down in there like that can cause wicking issues, not mention leaks with a tank. Condensation will build up in a drip tip no matter what you do because of the vapor being produced.

As for if the Zeus is sealed, yes and no. No auto is sealed (wouldn't work if it was), but it's design is far more leak resistant than a standard auto. The holes are on the sides of the post making it harder for juice to get in, and the way the Zeus is designed (have taken quite a few apart) would take a very large leak to clog up the "switch" mechanism (in the Zeus' case a small microphone behind the USB port). Have only killed one (on purpose) with juice and it took about 3ml's of juice and it being left to sit with the leak for 10 hours without use (made a nice puddle of juice underneath it as well). Wouldn't worry too much about a leak killing it, unless you're using the slim line to charge it. If you are wipe off the post of the Zeus (or any battery for that matter, and even if there wasn't a leak it's a good idea) before charging it. You'd be surprised how little juice it takes to kill a battery and/or slim line when charging....

Thank you both for the answers and tips, very much appreciated. One last question, (for now) last night when my battery finally lost its charge (after over 36 hours) the button with the green v4L light was flashing when I would try to vape. The question is does this indicate the battery needs to be charged?
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Postby ico » Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:07 am

I'd say yes, the battery needs to be charged when the led goes crazy. Has happened to me a few times, but Morandir's testing showed it's bad to let them run dry. Top it off before it gets to the flashpoint.

I've let my tanks get too hot at times, and the carto/tank start leaking, hence the flooding. These days I rotate my tanks and smileos more often.

Thought of rigging a wet dry vac to make sure batts are dry but never got around to it. :P
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Postby Morandir835 » Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:22 pm

+1 to what ico sir said :)
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